Review: Aidy, song a week

Aidy - Song a Week

This is the man himself. Image from

Singer songwriter Aidy had a busy 2010. After moving to Cambridge and releasing a few albums that remained frustratingly under the radar, he decided to do something different.

I set myself the challenge last year of writing, recording and releasing one new song every week for the entirety of 2010.

That’s a New Years’ Resolution I haven’t heard before. Unlike most people, Aidy stuck to it, which resulted in 53 new songs added to his repertoire, a record deal with Expat Records and a couple of festival appearances, including Green Man Festival.

As for the tracks themselves, there’s a bit of a mix, there are nods to bands that must have influenced Aidy along the way, with a kind of Happy Mondays-esque feel to Hurt Me Bitch, as well as nods to The Rolling Stones and Britpop in general. Much of the material is pretty low-key and dreamy with gravelly, drawling vocals and often some synths chucked in too. It works.

Generous chap that he is, Aidy is sharing his whole 53-track 2010 album to listen or download for free on his official website. His previous albums are all up there too, dating right back to The Pilot Episode, which was released in 2003. Have yourselves a listen!

Aidy’s 2010 success has spilled over into 2011, as he is scheduled to support Eureka Stockade in some performances in February.


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